FDCF plans for new year 2018!

Hello from FDCF and greetings for the new year 2018!

This year is a year of renewals – several development ideas are brought into action.

It is great that new members are joining every day. During November-December 2017 we got 22 new person members and the latest new company members are:

Minkels, Wärtsilä, Fortum, Vertiv Sweden, Fiber highway, Leijonaverkot, Systemair, Ramboll and Digita.

During year 2018 the following will happen:

  • Anna Siivonen has started now as FDCF project manager and she takes care of events and web page renewal. Anna is experienced data center specialist and knows well also networks and you can meet her also in IX meetings in Finland. Welcome Anna! This is the first time in FDCF history when we can hire manpower. Thanks goes to our company members that enable better resourcing. We are still planning for even bigger manpower but for that we need more income/funding
  • Energy tax renewal is being prepared in the ministries in Finland currently and FDCF has prepared a proposal about energy taxes and a background information package. This work is being prepared by Antti Laine from CTS Engtec. This is challenging topic since energy tax in Finland is currently 14 times higher than in Sweden. Work is needed also after this first activity as an ongoing activity and for that we need more resources and funding.
  • As a proposal for additional funding FDCF has received proposal to offer company members a wider sponsorship/visibility package and this will be handled now in the next board meeting. This would enable more wide tax preparations and also a recruitment of part-time managing director resource to support the board
  • Spring seminar has been rather big event and next one will be arranged in the end of February, beginning of March 2018.  Since we get more and more international members the spring seminar will be arranged in English and we have invited as speakers Uptime institute and other international guests. Board decides the place and time for the event. We expect at least same amount of participants as before, so about 200 at least
  • The last event, 2017 autumn seminar of FDCF worked out really well and all seats were fully booked. At the data center visit at Helsinki university hospital’s new DC was so many participants that we needed to open another group in order to get everybody in. It was also nice to get opportunity to visit the new DC. There seems to be clear need for networking events and good speakers seem to fulfil the seats in the events. We will arrange at least the same events and remember also to be active yourselves: there is potential in the network. And in case someone wants to open the doors to its data center and invite visitors – please do no hesitate to contact us and we will arrange the event.
  • FDCF will also join the international events by being present in the events – making Finland more visible. Plan is to participate Data center dynamics in Stockholm. There has been also requests for fair visits abroad etc – this is also being planned and we bring ideas forward.
  • Web pages are to be renewed and brand will be also lifted to next level. Anna is heading the project and this progresses during spring as a student work
  • Diploma works and doctoral theses were actively visible during 2017 and we wish that this trend will continue. You can propose us any potential new thesis works and we will then release information about them in web site or we can pick up graduates to speak at our events
  • Anna did in end of 2017 a survey and study for FDCF strategy work. We will deliver later summary about the research and the board will handle all new ideas and proposals and prepares new strategy based on the research
  • ISO-standardisation is important for the development of industry and in order to enable global consolidation. Important achievement last year was PUE standard approval as global standard and approval of the ERE/ERF standard draft. Mikko Aho from Rittal is leading the local SFS working group as the chairman and will make updates on the status. Anyone can join the Working group as a voluntary specialist (as a person) or as a representative of a company. To join the group, email Mikko at [email protected] We will continue to fund and support the standardization work we will send also this year editors and representatives to international meetings. Without FDCF this would have not been possible and there would have not been representatives from Finland in the global meetings
  • Company members are still important and it is almost the only income for FDCF so active member recruitment is key target and every member can give hints on potential new members
  • The board meeting will be on 10.1.2018 in Helsinki and at least the topics above will be on agenda
  • The official spring general meeting of association will be held together with the spring seminar in Feb-Mar 2018 and then the board will be selected for the 2018 period and key decisions are done regarding the association. There you can also brind ideas and proposals to the board’s knowledge
  • Member registry  will be checked and updated and new logos and company names will be added to web site

For any ideas that you have in your mind, please inform the board members about them. And all requests concerning membership please send them to address [email protected] – those will go to Anna also from now on,

Br, Pekka, chairman

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