Greetings from the Chairman of the Board

Year of new data centers – Year of export and international affairs

This year seems to become in FDCF history more and more the first year when Finland has reached out by offering data center knowledge to other countries. This is also a year when new mega scale data centers are opening in Finland.

So far focus has been in getting more and more new data centers into Finland and there we can see now results when Hetzner and Telia are opening their data centers. Now there are several concrete projects also in the other directions, driving DC knowledge export business from Finland to other countries.

Gaia and Business Finland

Gaia and Business Finland have a project for promoting data center and cloud knowledge abroad and has got first contacts with potential customers in Norway and Russia. First workshop was also held last fall with interested companies to plan the offerings of Finland and now more FDCF member companies have announced interest to join Gaia’s export project. FDCF has also been involved in driving data center projects in Turkey and Russia and these may also potentially become concrete export projects. Let´s keep this pace – my personal belief is that there is a lot of potential where Finland could deliver more abroad – especially in DC engineering and design. We just need to have more concrete offering – meaning clear export consortiums with clear sales agenda to help Gaias work in opening doors. With general message the doors do not open.

Remarkable is also that there are now 2 big ata centers more operational in Finland: I want to congratulate Hetzner and Telia for their extensive projects that are finalized and new data centers are operational with really high quality and modern look and feel.

I hope that members participate and actively promote Finland – not only as a place to keep data and have data centers but also as a place where engineering skills exist. We have good potential for our knowledge abroad and now when Gaia is working in the sales, there is also some resources for sales. Each company still needs their own sales and marketing. FDCF makes its best to support this move to more export oriented business.

We want to drive more international relations and two more items should be mentioned here: Future data summit 2018 and EUDCA.

Future Data Summit 2018

FDCF organizes the Future Data Summit 2018 on 19th September 2018 in Dipoli, Helsinki. This event has great speakers and aim is to make it big and international. We have got already first keynote speakers fixed and key sponsors have been confirmed. We have allocated now more time for networking and cocktails and use our network and channels to get international guests. So most likely this is also again a high quality event by FDCF! Topics, details and videos will be added during the following weeks – stay tuned. Put 19th September already in your calendar and purchase tickets from the web site now: .

FDCF members get ticket for 100 €, for others the price is 300 €. In case there are questions, kirsi.staff(a) can answer more.

FDCF is a member of EUDCA

FDCF is now an official member of EUDCA – European Data Center association. Again a new chance to get more international network of colleagues and businesses This relation will also put us again closer to our European colleagues and partners. Especially Netherlands is active in EUDCA work and giving us good channel to reach EU. EU is preparing new directives and via EUDCA we will get information and also possibility to influence the future decision and regulation in the industry.

More info about EUDCA and our membership in here.

In EUDCA matters you may also contact: antti.laine(a) or kirsi.staff(a)

Let’s keep up the good work, reload batteries during summer and come back to business and events with new ideas!

Wishing you all a relaxing and sunny summer,

Chairman of the Board

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